Richardson’s Party Patties


As a fan of Mentos I was thrilled when I opened up a box of Richardson’s Party Patties and discovered that they were downright Mentos-like. So good in fact that I almost inhaled the entire box before I got home. Each chew is individually wrapped and has a crisp candy shell surrounding a chewy fruity center.

As you can see from the adorable retro box art the patties come in 3 flavors: orange, lemon and strawberry. The lemon is especially nice, but all 3 flavors are pretty accurate, which means, Mentos could learn a lot about fruit flavoring from the folks at Richardson. So much better are their fruity flavors that I don’t think I can go back to any fruit flavored Mentos. Since I eat them just about every other week this is high praise.

Where can you get your grubby mitts on these delicious candies up? Cost Plus World Market is a good start (that is where I go). If you do not have one in your area I would check out their website here.

Want some more Richardson history? Just check out the back of the box of course:

That bear is just so cute!! I want him on a shirt.

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  1. Synthetrix

    I just enjoyed a pack of these this week. They were better than Mentos in my opinion. Unfortunately they are not the same recipe as the original and are now made in Bogota, Columbia instead of Pennsylvania.

  2. The Retroist

    Much better then Mentos. I did not know they were made in Columbia. Guess they moved to save money or making them?

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