Rob McElhenney from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” does a Nineties Anti-smoking PSA

When I first started watching, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I thought the creator of the show and the guy who plays Mac, Rob McElhenney, looked really familiar. I looked him up online then and saw he had a few credits, but none of them seemed familiar. It took until just last week for me to find out where I saw him. It was this mid-1990s anti-smoking PSA where he plays a too cool for anything teenager who almost can’t be bothered talking to the camera.

The part I remember so much is when he tells his friend to wait for him. His delivery of it seemed like something I had heard a million times when I was a teenager in high school.

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  1. CarlosTheDwarf

    Holy crap, I remember that ad. Had no idea it was Mac!

  2. Max Power

    The origin of Project Badass?

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