Who puts the future in your hands? Robotix of course. Who gives you robots to command? Again, Robotix. Robotix was a sort of a hybrid plastic erector system that allowed you to build dino-style robots that you controlled through a multi-button controller. You could get them to do simple tasks like pick stuff up and walk. Pretty basic stuff, but the magic really started when your friend also got a set and you could fight each other. One Christmas me and a friend of mine both got these and we had dino-robot battles for months. When the battles ended they were used to add some spice to playing with GI-Joe figures. Ain’t nothin’ more bad-ass than Snake-Eyes smashing into Cobra’s base in a giant motorized dinosaur.

I was playing around with my set a few months ago and started scanning the manual. Here are a couple of select pages. Here is the cover.


And this is my favorite sample build. But if I remember correctly its high center of gravity made it a bad choice for the fight pit.


Robotix was also turned into an animated show. It was a six minute cartoons that was lumped with the infamous Super Sunday half hour. The show played alongside the classic “Jem and the Holograms” and “Inhumanoids”. Sadly unlike Jem and Inhumanoids the show was never picked up for a normal run and they only animated one season.

It was also a Marvel comic:

If you missed this show, you are in luck. The show was bundled together and released as “Robotix – The Movie”. I recently watched this film and boy does it have a lot in common with the Transformers. I think its only a matter time before Michael Bay starts work on a multi-million dollar version of Robotix, so run to eBay and pick up as many Robotix sets as you can get your sticky paws on. They are bound to be collectors items…or maybe not.

Watch the entire series online here:

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  1. Chris

    On a tangent about the building kits as opposed to the cartoon–Robotix actually still exists (or at least did a couple of years ago..I haven’t checked on it lately) in the form of the ‘Discovery Channel Build and Explore Series’ (checks box…it’s got the Robotix logo on it, actually.) It’s blues and oranges in addition to the basic grey of the old sets, but it’s the same building system.

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