Sanford Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

I remember when my teacher brought a box of these markers into class one day and would use them to mark up and grade tests. Whenever you got a paper back you would sit their with your nose buried deep in the paper hoping that you got your favorite scent. My preferences were Grape/purple or Orange/orange. I did not care for Turquoise/Mango. At some point in the future I had the opportunity to color with these markers and it did not work out well, because I would only use the purple and orange markers.

[via] Gregg Koenig on Flickr (always amazing)

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  1. Flack

    These are completely different than the “Sanford and Son scented markers”, which basically just smelled like a junkyard. šŸ˜‰

  2. VicSage

    @Flack At least those smelled better than the Welcome Back Kotter scented markers, which was a combination of locker room and smelled like a Brooklyn High School. šŸ˜›

  3. Angela

    Happily these are still being manufactured, just look in [name of local office supply store]. And yes, they still smell awesome. One of my friends bought a package and I begged and pleaded until she gave me the licorice. Occasionally when I need a quick aromatherapy boost I’ll cup it to my nose and sniff. I’ve never explained to anyone that it’s scented, it looks like a plain black marker.

    My coworkers find me odd. :>

  4. I had a box of these as a kid. I used them to color a bunch of rocks and then tried to sell them on our front porch. My parents were having a yard sale so I tried to ride those coattails. I even put a sign up that said, “Fruit Smelling Rocks – 50 Cents each.”

    Unfortunately, no sales.

  5. ladyjaye

    I had a smaller set from that era in grade school (circa 1982 or 83), and I can still remember exactly how they smelled. They were surprisingly long lasting before drying out (compared to other markers). My faves were orange, lemon, and grape, although I also liked the mint scent. As you can see on the box, they came in a styrofoam box.

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