Scary Fruit Snacks

I always thought that fruit snacks were already pretty scary, but leave it to the folks at Kellogg’s to prove me wrong..Again. Their fruit snacks come in 3 hard to discern flavors. Indulge in these tasty sweet treats! If you dare!

The delicious snacks come in 3 flavors!


Three flavors? 4 colors? Couldn’t they slip some apple flavor into the pack? Maybe some pear? Oh well. You get about 10 of these classic Universal monsters per pack and you get 10 packs in the box. Each pack runs a little light on the Mummy which is good since it is the most poorly molded (as you can see from the image its messed up looking). Dracula and Wolfman, which constitute about 80% of each pack, are by far the best looking. I saw these in the candy aisle and I think that these would make pretty decent tricks or treats.

Check out this box to see why I couldn’t pass this up:


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  1. Tommy

    Happy Halloween! Hey come check on SMC on Halloween if you get a chance, it’s going live again then!

    Mmm, fruit snacks…

  2. The Retroist

    Tommy — I cant wait for the relaunch. I will definitely be there on the 31st! Happy Halloween.

  3. Metal Misfit

    Darn, these out this year? I haven’t seen any anywhere… I love the Universal Monsters.

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