Screech was the Creepy Glow in the Dark Owl-themed Board Game

I am not sure if Board Game is the right term for Screech. It was more of a version of concentration, but a 1000 times more amazing since you played it in the dark and with a toy owl. In the game, Screech will inform you what sort of insect he wants, then you need to try and pick the right card, feed it to Screech and find out if you are correct. It was moody, well themed and unique and it fired my imagination as a kid. And here is why…

Amazing right? My sisters got it when they were younger and by the time I inherited it, I had a Screech that was missing most of the cards. So, I would mostly play it alone in my room. Even though it was not much of a challenge after a while, it was so evocative I could not help but keep playing. Eventually Screech died on me and despite being super cool looking even when not working, my Mother decided to throw it out during a particularly aggressive spring cleaning.

In the commercial Screech appears to be brown, but in my memories of him he was purple. Hopefully one day I will prove that my memory is right (who doesn’t want a purple toy owl?)

Screech is one of the many games I am always on the lookout for at Flea Market and Garage Sales and in all my years of looking I have never seen one. Still, I have not given up hope and one day, Screech will again be mine (for a reasonable price).