Sea & Ski Baby Oil Suntan Oil


I have never been much of a fan of the sun, but the rest of my family loved it! This was of course before skin cancer concerns became all the rage. This was back in the day when a natural tan was something you spent your summers cultivating. My sisters would spend hours laying out in the yard baking their skin to a golden brown, so that they would have that healthy Jersey shore glow well into Autumn. Standing between them I looked like a pale dollop of whipped cream.

How did they develop such tans? Baby oil. Our home stunk of the stuff from early spring through the first days of school in September.

Once during a trip to Florida I knocked the Baby Oil container over in the car and it opened and poured out into the carpet and we were forced to buy a baby oil at the local “beach store”. The thing we got was call Sea & Ski. I remember it because I would lay on the beach UNDER a blanket when I was not in the water and I would get bored. Since I did not bring anything to read, I stared at this bottle while listening to the tiny boombox we brought along.

My sisters developed some deep tans that trip. I wonder if it was because of an increased and constant exposure to the sun or did Sea & Ski actually help?

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