You get a creepy warning when you play a Sega CD as audio

You get a creepy warning when you play a Sega CD as audio

I never purchased a Sega CD or Saturn. So sadly never experimented with playing Sega CD audio. The first console I owned that played CDs was the Sega Dreamcast. One of the first things I attempted to do on the Dreamcast was to put the discs from it into my stereo CD player to see what would happen. Sadly nothing. It was a habit I developed after getting my first CD-Rom computer games and it usually resulted in nothing, but on occasion, the audio from the game would play. Even though I kind of understand why that would happen, it still made me giddy.

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I am not sure what got me thinking about this phenomenon recently. Most of my disc-related devices are either in storage or donated. Only my DVD player on my computer remains. I did a quick search on YouTube and found a few examples of audio captured from discs. The one for the Sega Saturn is by far my favorite. They placed a warning message about using this disc in your audio equipment and how doing so could damage your equipment.

Its a strange straightforward warning, but what makes it so creepy is the guitar riffs they have running in the background. Those background tracks seem so distant and far away from the speaker. It is like some ghost guitarist is playing some disjointed song out of their shattered memories. Needless to say, I love this bit of found audio and thought I would share it with everyone.

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