Senior Citizen Love at McDonald’s

I have noticed that certain McDonald’s locations are very popular among the senior citizen crowd. One near my house would almost exclusively be filled with people over 60 between the hours of 6am – 10am. They are often sitting there, chatting with one another, enjoying a refillable cup of coffee after knoshing a breakfast sandwich. You would think it is hardly the setting for senior citizen love.

It makes me wonder if winter love did blossom over a shared apple pie like in this startlingly long commercial from the mid-eighties. With its soft music and sweet message it is a refreshing change of pace from the senior citizen commercial I see nowadays. There are a few they run all the time on retro TV channels that I tend to watch. All of them seem to involve being very sick, getting hurt, or some medicine related to those things.

Watch this classic Winter Romance commercial from McDonald’s

It has always been a mystery to my why more advertising isn’t focused on the lifestyle of an aging population. I guess they have done the math, but if all targeted advertising was as adorable as this, I might not be switching the channel so often.

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