Sit, Ubu, sit! …Good dog!

Ubu Productions is an independent production company founded in 1982 by producer Gary David Goldberg. Ubu’s had made some pretty famous shows, including Family Ties and Spin City. If the name sounds familiar, it might be that you love those shows or it is more likely because at the end of many Ubu produced shows, you had a photo of a black Labrador Retriever with a Frisbee in his mouth.

And when that dog appeared, you would hear a voice say, “Sit, Ubu, sit! …Good dog!”, followed by the sound of a bark.

That voice is that of Ubu founder Goldberg and the dog in the picture is his beloved traveling companion and pet, Ubu Roi playing in the Tuileries Garden close to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Ubu passed away in 1984, but he was immortalized by his owner and friend and is probably more of a household name then some of the stars that appeared in Ubu produced sitcoms.

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  1. Drahken

    Yep, I remember sit ubu very well. I used to watch family ties religously (though I never heard of the other show you mentioned). I’m pretty sure ubu was on some other shows that I watched in the 80s too.

  2. The Retroist

    If you are a Michael J Fix fan, you might enjoy Spin City. He was the star of it during the first few seasons.

  3. Drahken

    Oh, yeah…. Now I remember the show. I could never get into it though. Maybe I’ll give it another try one of these days…

    I see they only see to have 1 other show under their belts, “brooklyn bridge”, which I’ve definitely never heard of before.
    It’s strange, it looks like family ties is the only show that I know the “sit ubu” scene from, yet I could swear that I’ve seen it on several shows. I guess I just watched family ties more than i thought I did. 😉

  4. Mark Watson

    Bye-bye, Ubu the Lab Retriever! Must love this dog!

  5. Claire

    Brooklyn Bridge was a great show, though short lived. It revolved around a boy growing up in Brookyln in 50s. in New York it aired on CBS. I’m pretty sure the theme song was performed by Art Garfunkel, too.

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