“Snoopy And The Red Baron” Talking View-Master Reels

I have a few pieces of Peanuts memorabilia hanging around my office and I constantly flirt with the idea of collecting more. It seems like their is a vast array of items to collect and a lot of them are affordable. Plus I had a lot of Peanuts stuff when I was a kid, so their would be some history. It is all waaaaay to tempting to me. For the last few days I have been staring at these “Snoopy And The Red Baron” Talking View-Master Reels, which my cousin had when we were young and I always enjoyed playing with. Of course if I buy it, I would need to get a Talking View-Master.

Peanuts Talking View Master

The Talking View-Master series is the traditional three reel set, but with sound, to use with GAF Talking View Master. This “Snoopy And The Red Baron” set is still in its original shrink wrap and is in great shape. ©1969 United Feature Syndicate. Great 3D images of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest. N. Mint.

“Snoopy And The Red Baron” Talking View-Master Reels [@] Hake’s

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  1. I always wanted a talking View-Master but never knew how the talking View-Masters functioned. Did it just narrate the same text under the picture on the reel or was it sound effects, etc?

  2. Man, I led a much more sheltered life than I thought, I had no idea they had talking View-Masters! Lucky kids 😛

  3. Of course…if I had read the description of the Snoopy and the Red Baron first before posting that question…well, I would have had my answer.

    @Tiny Dancer Don’t feel too bad, friend. I’ve never actually seen one out in the wild myself. I would just look at a picture of one in the Sears Christmas catalog. 🙂

  4. I have these reels in the non-talking format. And, I must admit, as a child, I was more than a little frightened by the eerie lighting of 3D Snoopy fighting the Red Barron. In the above picture (lower right corner) you can see some of the images of Snoopy moving through the battle scarred landscape. It was scary stuff for this 3 year old.

  5. View-Masters were the Avatar of my generation! 3-D in my hands, right now!
    I loved the cartoon ones like Snoopy and The Flintstones.
    I still marvel at the nifty models used for the images and wished I could have them to touch and play around it.
    Never had the talking viewmaster (pricey, if I remember correctly) but had the projector, which was cool for slideshows, but lost the three-dimensionality that made this toy so great.

  6. Retroist – have you been keeping up with the hardbound reissues of the original strips in order? I’ve got a few – it’s a very elegant way to start up the Peanuts collection.

  7. I have a talking view master from the 1970’s that got very litttle use. I also have 4-6 reel sets in good to fair condition including this Peanuts set.

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