Snoopy Spooky Giant Activity Book

When I was a kid their was nothing I liked more than a fat activity book to help pass the time. Whenever my family was a in a store, I would ask for one. So constant was my supply that even years later I find some that I did not complete. That was this case with the Halloween appropriate, Snoopy Spooky Giant Activity Book. Filled with puzzles and games, the Snoopy Spooky Giant Activity Book was loads of fun for young me and I thought since the book is hard to find, I would post some scans of some of the uncompleted puzzles, so that you could join in the fun this Halloween season.

As you might notice, even though I did not complete a puzzle, it did not mean I did not like to embellish the existing art on the page or add simple word bubbles. Enjoy.

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