Animated original Atari 2600 Space Invaders box art

Today on Twitter I sent out a request. I would like to see a version of Space Invaders based on the art that displayed in their 1980s catalog. This art is colorful and evocative. It seems ripe for a way to reboot the game in a new way that is also respectful of the title’s history.

Space Invaders Catalog Art

Almost immediately, Rediscover the 80s shared a video on Twitter that is an even better idea. Take the original box art and turn those into games. Not only is it a great idea, but an example of exists that they were nice enough to share.

Done by Delaney Digitial, it is a short animation using components from the original Atari 2600 Space Invaders box art. It is compelling to watch and is enough of a proof of concept for me to put my money down on a pre-order. Sadly the animator of the piece does not seem to be pushing this in game form. Nothing we can do about that, but maybe if enough people watch and share this art, they will develop more original animated game art. (C’mon Basic Math!)

That art in turn could inspire some talented developer to make my retro gaming dreams come true.

Watch the original Space Invaders Box Art come to life

While at Delaney Digital, check out some of their other creations, including this modern interpretation of an Atari Console.

3D render of a concept Atari console and controller by Delaney Digital.

Done in all black, like the Atari “Vader,” I find this console a much more compelling offering than the upcoming Atari VCS. Stylistically is looks back to the past while still presenting a modern style console. I would like to think that if Atari had stayed in business all these years, this is what would be in stores.

At this point, I guess we would be at the Atari 26,000. That is adding 2600 to each release after 7800 and trying to match up with each generation releases by Nintendo. For brevity’s sake, lets calls it the Atari 26K.

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