Spray Snow is Holiday Magic

The holidays are quickly approaching. Soon we will be decorating our homes. As you make your list for holiday decorating needs, might I suggest you add Spray Snow to that list. Spray Snow has had a long history, but sadly seems to have dwindled in popularity. It is time for it to make a comeback!

When I was a kid, Spray Snow was ever-present. A can would always appear in the days before we began making everything festive. We would use it to decorate the front windows of our house. Spraying them around the edges to give them a “snowy” appearance, even when it was unseasonably warm.

Rarely was I put in charge of the spraying. Which was smart. I just could not be trusted to ration the stuff. Starting on the window on the left side of our front room, I would make it SUPER SNOWY. Then as you moved across the row of windows things would get less and less snowy as I quickly ran out of Spray Snow. This meant my sisters were in charge and they did all sorts of cool things. They would make Spray Snow Snowflakes using stencils or even spell stuff out in a rudimentary snow-based graffiti.

The burning question is why did Spray Snow fade in popularity? Do people think it is tacky? Is it the chemicals? Perhaps it is something as a simple as marketing. Cans of Spray Snow used to be beautiful. Now they look like the simple affair you see above. Instead of the pop works of art that we got in the past.

Retro Spray Snow Cans

Vintage Spray Snow Cans
via scavengermom

These beautiful cans are becoming sought after collectors items. I picked up a couple for a song about a decade ago. Now, you can expect to pay about $10+ per can in rough condition. They really are handsome though, so I can’t dispute the value. My only question is why doesn’t modern Spray Snow go back to the old design?

Last year I picked up a modern can online and used it to decorate a wreath. Something we never did when I was younger since we had all fake stuff. It was a satisfying experience and I will probably do it again this year. So do yourself a favor. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, pick up a can and add it to your holiday tradition. Oh, and If you are the collector type, start looking for the cans. They keep going up in value and I do not think they have plateaued yet.