Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Darth Vader Roller Skates

Yes, you read that headline correctly. I personally have never seen them before, but they do exist and Hake’s is selling these Darth Vader themed roller-skates in size 11-J. Show that little rollerskating Star Wars fan in your life just how special they are by getting them these bad-boys for their next skate party. Or maybe if you have small feet, you can cram your adult feet into them. According to Hake’s:

8.5x11x4.5″ deep box contains pair of unused roller skates by Brookfield Athletic Shoe Co. Inc. ©1983 Lucasfilm Ltd. Box shows photos of skate plus illustrations of Darth Vader and Emporer’s Royal Guards. Box shows moderate wear with creasing, color rubs and surface paper lifts. Fine. Skates are size 11-J and variety with laces rather than velcro. On a side of each is 2″ dia. circle with images of Darth Vader and Royal Guard while “Star Wars” name runs down the back of each skate as well as repeated on each wheel. Nice quality simulated leather skates are unused and Mint. A rather obscure Star Wars item. From the Tomart Archives.

star wars roller skates

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Darth Vader Roller Skates [@] Hake’s

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  1. ctupa

    oh man!! I wish I had tiny kids feet right now! How sweet would I look skating around the workplace? I would even wear these pumping gas and grocery shopping. Driving might be a bit tricky but what is life without adventure?

  2. HOEP

    hey whats a set of these worth, slightly used no box

  3. The Retroist

    Hakes is selling them in really good condition with the box for $100. So I would try and base it off of that. How slightly used?

  4. gloria

    whats the website i want some!

  5. Phyllis ross

    ebay has a pair for $29.99

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