Start your Morning with some Banana Splits Show Fan Art

For the longest time I did not have permission to hang pictures or posters on the walls of my bedroom. So the stuff on their were things hung up by my parents or my sisters when I was very young. They would remain their well into my teen years. I strongly disliked to many of them (so many clowns — why?), but one I did not hate was a smallish plaque of the Banana Splits. I think it was something my sister made for an art project when she was younger. It looked like a Banana Splits album cover cut and glued onto an oblong piece of wood and covered with some sort of sealant to give a light honey brown coating.

In the dim light of my bedroom at night I could see always just make it out and I found it very re-assuring. I no longer have this gem. It was sadly lost to me, but that has not dampened my enthusiasm for The Banana Splits. I have a Splits poster on the wall of my office. Sometimes that is not enough, when that happens I will watch an episode or I will go on to the web and look at some of the wonderful fan art that has been made for the show. Here are a few of my favorites. Click on them to view them at a higher quality and to find out more about their authors.

One banana, two banana, three banana, four…….







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