Starting the New Year at Seattle’s Living Computer Museum

The first Thursday of every month means free entry for many museums in the city of Seattle. Since first Thursday fell on January 1st this year, I thought that most of the museums wouldn’t be open. Happily that was not the case and I decided to kick off the new year with a visit to one of my favorite places in Seattle, The Living Computer Museum.

If you are a regular to the site, you might have heard me mention them before and if you know me personally, you are probably asking, “why do you go so often?” The Living Computer Museum is always changing (much more rapidly than other museums I visit) and while some exhibits are permanent seeming, they are constantly putting out new stuff and evolving the experience.

On this trip, here are just a few new things I got to try. I handled two computers I had never touched before, played some classic VIC-20 games from my youth, thumbed through some classic computer books, got lost staring at the complicated wires in a computer as big as a washing machine, played some Xbox, made some music and played some chess on the MS PixelSense, took another very informative tour, and much more.

Here are some photos from my “night at the museum”.

The Museum is located on 2245 1st Ave S, which is not to far from the stadium and ballpark in the SoDo area of Seattle. Parking there is both ample and free. The LCM is open from 10am – 5pm on Thursdays – Sundays. For more information visit their website. There you can find directions, information about their mission and much more.

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