Step right up and get your Authentic (looking) Turn of the Century Circus Posters

I went through a circus phase when I was a kid. The history and pageantry of the big top was an obsession and I read books and saved my money to see the circus whenever it came to our area. I even sent away for a vintage-style poster from a comic book ad and it would hang on the wall of my bedroom for about a decade.

You can see from the above ad that they had several to choose from and I chose number 5. Two months passed and when the poster finally arrived it was number 4. I was not happy. So with the help of my Mother, I wrote a letter complaining about the mix up and demanding that they send me my number 5. Sadly my letter went unheeded and after a few months I just decided to hang the poster I had on my wall.

It might not have been the one I wanted, but I still thought it was pretty cool. While I wanted to go to sleep dreaming about the wonders of a circus animal menagerie I instead drifted off every night thinking about the destruction of the Spanish Fleet which never really felt right.

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