Strawberry Shortcake Cereal Commercial

If you liked Strawberry flavored cereals, it was slim pickings outside of the Halloween season with no Frankenberry on the shelves. That is why when Strawberry Shortcake cereal came out I did something almost unheard of my in my young world, I stepped over gender buying lines and ate this cereal by the boxful. It was fragrant and berrylicious and turned the milk pink. Did this make me an object of ridicule? You bet it did. But we strawberry cereal lovers have always needed to endure the scorn of a world that only accepts us a few months a year. I miss you Shortcake.

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  1. James

    In South Africa, we had Strawberry Pops, from Kellogg’s. Basically Rice Krispies strawberry flavoured, pink coloured and had ‘Sammy the Seal’ as the mascot.

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