STYX Rocks in this Epic 1978 World Tour Promo

My sisters, like many people who like to rock, were big fan of STYX. They saw STYX in concert, wore STYX shirts and played their music incessantly. As someone who was slow to open up to different types of music at an early age, I didn’t know what to make of it. I also didn’t really understand where they found out about all their music.

Why would I, I was obsessing over Saturday Morning Cartoons and video games while they were sneaking across the river into New York City to see arena rock shows and smaller and more dangerous seeming punk shows (according to Quincy ME).

With music, I was clueless, it all had to be delivered to me. That usually meant some random record that caught my attention in my sisters’ collections or on some late night TV show (both of these cemented my lifetime fandom for DEVO).

While browsing the web last night, I stumbled across this almost grindhouse style commercial for STYX. The poster of the video says it was a TV commercial. If it was…wow! This is one epic rock commercial that makes the band sound dangerous and heroic at the same time. I am sure if I had seen this, even if I didn’t enjoy the music of STYX, I would have tried to find more information or at the very least thumbed through the milk crates full of albums in the closet.

Let me ask you something…are you ready to rock?

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