Summer Go Sports from Long John Silver’s

Summer Go Sports from Long John Silver’s

In the 1990s, I was often on the go and I DID need a beverage holder for my fast-paced lifestyle. Sure I had tried taping a can of soda to the front of my bike, but once I opened it after a rough ride, the liquid would spray everywhere. I also tried filling plastic bags with Mountain Dew and placing them in my jacket pockets. This led to unsightly bulges and unfortunate “seepage”. What could I do? Not do in-your-face extreme activities?

This was the Nineties, so that was not an option.

I have never eaten at a Long John Silver’s in my life. I have seen them, but after a bad experience at an Arthur Treacher’s as a kid, I just can’t bring myself to eat fast food fish anymore. This explains why in the insanely huge collection of plastic fast food cups I owned, I never had a Summer Go Sport.

This commercial makes a pretty compelling case for me to get one. Although it is sort of heavy-handed in its 1990s “extreme-ness”.

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