Summer is Almost Over – One Last Chance to Use that Slush Mugg

As a kid I would spend a lot of time in the summer up my Uncle’s house in upstate New Jersey. He lived in a very wooded area with trees and abandoned farms and railroad tracks for me and my cousins to explore. It was a pretty awesome time, even in the stifling New Jersey summer heat. Luckily he also had a built in swimming pool which was pretty awesome, but when that failed we could always count on my Aunt to break out the Slush Muggs. Which if you are not familiar are muggs you put in the freezer and when you add liquid to them, it turns them into a delicious icy slush. Every summer I still like to crack open my mugg, pour me some Hawaiian Punch and dream of the endless summer days I spent up in what my Uncle liked to call “god’s country”.

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