Super Jock Toys made for great weapons of war

Super Jock Toys were a line of toys made by Schaper starting in the seventies. Super Jocks were sports based, hence the use of “Jock”. Each playset consisted of action figures playing sports including basketball, hockey, baseball, football and soccer. To play with them, you would press down on the toy’s head. This caused your Super Jock to either kick/throw/hit a ball or puck.

Before the ubiquity of video and electronic games, Super Jock Toys were a great way to play versions of your favorite sports. My cousin was a collector of them. We spent many a rainy afternoon in his basement playing Super Jocks basketball and football. We also figured out another fun aspect of Super Jock Toys. They made for wonderful weapons of war.

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We mostly used them with Star Wars figures, which we would set up among based made from wooden blocks. Then we would measure out a few feet, put Super Jock football player down and start plugging away. The first person to knock down all of the other players figures would be the winner. The challenge was heightened by the player having to move the Super Jock further and further away with each attack. Kids are wonderfully imaginative. Especially when it comes to making a toy more destructive.

Watch this classic commercial for Super Jock Toys