Superman: The Complete Animated Series

superman dvd

Your spirits will soar with this complete series set from the popular TV series! Portraying the man and hero as human while keeping the comic-book action at full speed, each animated adventure is a fast-paced spellbinder. Beginning with his arrival on Earth, Superman finds his place in his adopted home and accepts his role as its champion – facing mortal enemy Lex Luthor and countless other criminals like the Weather Wizard and the Toyman. High-flying excitement, boundless thrills and revealing Exclusive Extras collide in this superior collection about the dynamic hero that inspires us all to strive for truth and justice.

I was never a big reader of Superman in comic book form, but I must admin I really enjoyed watching the old Max Fleischer Superman cartoons when I was a kid. So when Superman: The Animated Series premiered on TV, I thought I would give it a shot and I was not disappointed. The animation was lively and vibrant and the writing for sharp from week to week. It became must-DVR TV for me. In fact they stayed on my DVR a little too long and it was was with heavy heart that I finally deleted them. My plan was to get the show on DVD, but I knew that if the show was going to go from season to season, that eventually they would together a fuller box set.

This attractive 7 disc set contains all of the series 54 episodes many of them on double sided discs. Now I am conflicted about double sided discs, on the one hand I like that I do not need 2 discs (less room), but I always feel like I need to treat them with kid gloves because I am nervous about scratching them. This is just my paranoid pet peeve and I think in the long term I will appreciate the reduced number of discs.

The set is not crammed with as many extras as I like to see in a box set, but since I did not buy the individual season sets, it is all gravy to me. The set has audio and video creator commentaries, a making-of featurette, a pop-up trivia track plus a 7th bonus disc. This 7th disc has a retrospective “The Despot Darkseid: A Villain Worthy of Superman”. Which I really enjoyed, if anything was wrong with it, it was that it is way too short for my liking.

Fan of the series? What are you waiting for, pick up Superman: The Complete Animated Series on DVD Today.

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