Support the Revival of the Retro Mid-century Modern Mailbox


My house, when I was growing up, had a mailbox right at the front door. For most of my neighbors, their mailbox was an actual hole in their door. So mail fell right into their house. As a kid who liked to hang out on the stairs or on the front lawn, the coming of Mailman Tom was an event. But I always felt bad for him having to climb 100s of sets of stairs each day. But he always had a smile on his face and I saw him just two years ago in a completely unrelated location and he looks exactly the same. So maybe those stairs are a fountain of youth?

I can only say, that if I delivered mail in my hometown, I would have preferred one of the neighborhoods that had the mailboxes at street level. Just small portions of our town still had them, but they must have all been put up during the Mid-century Modern phases, because they all looked exactly the same. Cool, but faded colors, sleek angles and the aerodynamic looking mail flag that a kid couldn’t resist lifting up.

When I drive out in neighborhoods where the roadside type of mailboxes still exist, they are all this horrible black metal or a slightly cooler 1920s looking things. I keep hoping to see the ones from my youth, but to no avail. No one makes anything like them anymore. Hopefully that is going to change because Greg Kelly of North Carolina is looking to bring back those stylish Retro Mid-century Modern Mailboxes through Kickstarter.

Check out the video explaining what Greg is trying to accomplish and then head over to his Kickstarter page and back the revival of an American classic.

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