Swimwear! – Wendy’s Soviet Union Fashion Show


“Where’s the beef?” was one of the greatest catch phrases to come out of the 1980s, but like all good things it eventually has to run its course. Wendys fumbled around afterwards trying out different ad campaigns that would capture the same magic as the Clara Peller centric ads. Eventually they would settle on Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas (who I met once) as their spokesman, but before that they created this gem, that as a kid I always referred to as “Swimwear!”.

The commercial features a drab Iron Curtain fashion show where everyone wears the same gray drab outfit, but each time it gets a different label. This cracked me up every time it was on and in the halls of my school people where prone to scream in mock Russian, a catchphrase that needs to be remembered “Swimwear!”

Watch this commercial gem and judge for yourself.

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