Taco Flavored Doritos in Retro Packaging

It has been a long two weeks of searching but I finally managed to get my mitts on the resurgent Taco flavored Doritos in their very cool retro packaging. I must not be the only one excited about the taco flavored resurrection, because the flavor was almost gone (I bought the last two bags). They look great and taste amazing. Just like a taco flavored chip should taste. I know a lot of people are happy to see these return full time, I am one of those people, I just wish they kept this great retro packaging (and made the other Doritos look the same). Here is some snack pics for those who have not yet beheld these tasty retro sheathed treats.

Some things I learned while questing for these chips:

– The guys who drive the trucks might not know what is going on in a neighboring territory.
– You can still find Pepsi Throwback and Quisp in many stores.
– Doritos are awesome!
– All the people who offered to send me a bag are even more awesome!

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  1. Glad you found some! Now get out there and find some of the new Retro Hostess Twinkie and Ho-ho packages…in stores now!

  2. I bought 2 bags a couple of weeks ago at a local Quick Check store. I really love the retro packaging on the soda and snacks that these companies have been doing within the last few years. Taco flavor is OK…not as good as the “collisions” Doritos were releasing. You can’t go wrong with any Doritos though!

  3. What I really like, is on the back of the bag, it says they’re ‘coming soon’ in new packaging… hopefully that’ll be global distribution, and not in far away places again. I had to drive 35 miles to get mine (each way no less)…I know, that’s pathetic.

  4. Found some today in Northern VA!!!

  5. Found my retro Taco flavored Doritos in my neighborhood grocer yesterday. Boy, was I excited!!!

  6. Did you try them 70s child? What do you think?

  7. My husband and I are always on a quest for Quisp! Not an easy thing to find in Michigan!

  8. I just found them yesterday in Libertyville Illinois and they are amazing..bought 7 bags and delivered some to my 82 year old aunt that used to eat them daily..she LOVED it!!!! I have found Quisp in Mundelein Illinois, also, loved Quake, its equal back in the day….

  9. Great stuff Cindy, especially bringing them to your Aunt! Did you get retro packaging?

  10. Saw the retro bags in Target in CT. Now I am wishing I bought some.

  11. I must respectfully dispute Doritos’ claim that these chips are the same as they were when I was a kid in the 70s. The bag looks the same BUT, and for me and all the other lactose-intolerant people out there it’s a big but, the original chips did not, repeat, not have any cheese in them. I know, since had they had cheese in them I couldn’t have eaten them without puking. I ate many many bags of them and their competition. I wish they’d leave all the dairy stuff out of the taco type chips and put it in other chips. They only have 2 types of chips I can eat now, the Spicy Sweet Chili ones and chips I can’t buy where I live, the Salsa Verde chips. I know we’re in the minority, but I do miss the REAL original taco chips, as they stopped making them many years ago!

  12. Sorry, but this reincarnated “taco” flavor is not the original…

  13. JustMe, it’s possible that your tastebuds have changed. I can’t even eat Hostess stuff that I ADORED as a child because now it tastes disgusting to me. It’s not because they changed the formulas, it’s because I am an adult who no longer thinks that sickening sweet cakes and oily frosting are awesome anymore. [that said I still love Ho Ho’s and chocodiles]
    Sometimes food you once adored tastes horrible and it’s not because it’s made wrong, it’s because you just don’t like it.

  14. @Melissa – That is a great point and would certainly explain a lot. I have heard a lot of people complaining about reintroduced foods and I always wondered why the company just didn’t release it like it was. Now I am thinking, maybe they did.

    Either way, I like the old and the new old taco flavored Doritos.

  15. My co-worker just told me about the Taco flavored Doritos making a come back!! I’m going to get mine after work, hopefully Ralphs has them, if not then Target will for sure!!

    I’m hoping that Laura Scudder’s will bring back their original BBQ chips from the 70’s, those were my faves!!

    Bye bye, From Deb

  16. Just walking through the grocery store in Atlanta and BAM! There they were. It took me back to child hood. I grabbed a bag and had to open it before I got home. My hubbie, who had never had this flavor, enjoyed for the first time. Are they back??? Or should I go back to the store and grab what is left in stock?

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