The Batman Green Machine

In 1977 Sears released an their exclusive Bat Machine. A three-wheeled beauty that might not have been as popular as the green machine, but might have been more compelling.

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The DC Comics Direct Currents Hot-Line

In 1976, DC Comics launched a toll-free hotline that crippled phone service and demonstrated the raw untapped power of comic book fandom to the world. Despite this (with some exceptions) It would take decades for the mainstream to realize the full commercial potential of comic books.

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Incredible Hulk Instant Muscles

Incredible Hulk Instant Muscles were inflatable toy muscles you wore under your shirt. They could take you from zero to hulk bulked hero in just a few pumps. Sadly all that flexing and inflating was rough on these faux muscles, so not a lot of them have survived.

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Pinky and Leather Tuscadero

Happy Days introduced two sisters to the show that are still fondly remembered today, Pinky and Leather Tuscadero. Let's take a quick look back at these side characters and the out sized impact they had on the show.

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Basic Math for the Atari 2600

Atari released a lot of good titles over the years. Unfortunately Basic Math is not one of them. Instead it is an overly simplified math game with limited replayability.

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Dungeons & Dragons Monster Cards – Anhkheg

The Anhkheg is terrifying burrowing insect monster that can destroy even the most well-balanced party of adventurers. Let's take a look at its appearance in the 1st set of the 1981 AD&D Monster Cards.

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Air-Sea Battle for the Atari 2600

Some games on the Atari 2600 just work best as two-player games. Air-Sea Battle is a middling game when played alone, but plug in that second joystick and invite a friend over and you have a delightful afternoon of video game fun ahead of you.

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Retroist CHiPs Podcast

Listen to the season 11 premier episode of the Retroist Podcast, CHiPs. Join Ponch, Jon and the rest of the California Highway Patrol as they fight crime, have fun and look great doing it.

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The Art of David A. Trampier

David A. Trampier or DAT, put together some of the most iconic roleplaying game art. His fingerprints are all over the early version of the game. Sadly he passed away…

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Do you remember Aspen Soda?

Before Apple Slice, PepsiCo distributed another apple-flavored soda. It was called Aspen and it was available from 1978-1982. I do not have any memory of trying Aspen, but I have…

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