The 1983 Seiko Computer Watch – The Data 2000

I was surfing the web this morning when I found an image of this long forgotten watch, The Seiko Data 2000. I never owned one, but when I was in school I had a friend who was really into gadgets, especially watched, and he showed up with this beast and showed off its amazing ability to hold information. Every day he would go on about it and then would whip out the keyboard and show off how the watch and keyboard worked. I thought it was pretty amazing.

Unfortunately so did some other folks and one day one of the bullies decided to take it from him. So bold was the bully that after getting the watch, he insisted on going to the kid’s backpack and getting the keyboard. It was a revolting development, but at least in the end justice was served.

The watch owner decided to blab and this watch wasn’t cheap, so their was talk of bringing in police and stuff like that. In the end the bully was suspended and at the end of the year he was left back. So we did not need to see him when we made the move to Middle School/High School.

This watch is a HERO!


[via] Pocket Calculator

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