The Art of Drew Struzan

How do you know a film is going to be a blockbuster? Well you could look at the stars of the film. If their is A-list talent associated with the film, you can be assured that the movie will get the proper hype it need, but that still doesn’t guarantee a big money film. How about a great director or a great script? What if I told you their was a simpler way of figuring out if a movie was going to be a hit or at least a cult classic? You would say I am crazy, right? Well I am not, because I just finished looking and reading through the book, The Art of Drew Struzan (Titan), and it occurred to me that almost every film that Mr. Struzan has done a poster for has turned out to be a huge hit and or cult classic.

Some of you are saying, “Of course!”, but a few of you are scratching your head and wondering who is Drew Struzan? Well if you have been to a movie in the last 30 years you will probably recognize some of the artists very iconic work…

© Copyright Drew Struzan. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission
© Copyright Drew Struzan. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

That’s right, Mr. Struzan has made movie posters for such hits as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi and Back to the Future. And that is just a sampling of his work. If you are like me you spent hours staring at Struzan’s work as a kid and had no idea who the talent was behind these posters. You might not even have realized that it was the same guy working on all of them. All you knew is that they fired your imagination and made you memorize yet another release date.

So it seems a book on this iconic body of work is long overdue. The Art of Drew Struzan is the first book to cover his movie work in depth. The book has over 300 pieces of artwork, which includes previously unseen poster art for modern movies like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Hellboy II, but more importantly shows the working process that created these works with insights and working drafts of many pieces included and annotated by the artist himself. I especially enjoyed the section on the Back to the Future films.

With its wealth of insider knowledge, the book makes a great addition to your library (especially if you a film fan) but since it also chock full of pictures. Which make it a wonderful conversation starter and coffee table book.

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  1. VicSage2005

    All film fans will not only enjoy this book but treasure it. My wife picked up my copy for me on her way home from work yesterday and I spent what little time I was awake reading it and loving every page.

    The Frank Darabont foreword was incredible, true, and funny. I agree about the Back to the Future section and have to say that I wish they went for Drew’s poster for Waterworld. That is an epic painting!

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