The Atari 2600 Guest Stars on Three’s Company

When I watch older TV shows I am always on the lookout for tech treats. Last night I was watching Three’s Company episode “Furley vs. Furley” (original air date 2/17/82) and right at the start of the show we get a healthy dose of 80s gaming culture as Jack and Janet play some mysterious football game (even though their is no cart is the unit) while Mr. Furley attempts to fix a door in the background. It is perfect fake gaming moment complete with fake sound FX and poor joystick holding. It was a real treat so I thought I would share some shots of the episode.

The Competition looks intense
Janet Dominating...
Janet Wins!!
Perfect Gaming Setup, but no cart in the system 😛

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  1. chris

    I love it when tv shows now show actors playing video games they still use the Atari sound effects.

  2. The Retroist

    Yeah I almost wonder if it is a big joke amongst the people on the show or if people just have no idea what game consoles sound like.

  3. The Sexy Armpit

    Oh man, classic! Three’s Company is one of my favorite shows of all time. I can watch any episode of that show and be completely content. Great formula. Adding Atari to the mix was genius. Very hip at the time.

  4. The Retroist

    I wonder if either DeWitt or Ritter had actually held a joystick before that day though.

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    No, it doesn’t seem the actors had much gaming experience, Retroist.
    For that matter, neither do the actors in actual Atari commercials of the time.

    But I recall getting rather excited by the VCS’ appearance in that ep, at the time.
    I still do, actually.
    I may have wished they had made an entire episode centered on playing Atari games.

    Love the show and I’m also one who feels cozy watching any eps, anytime.

  6. Hyperspace Geek

    I freaking LOVE this post! I’m a huge fan of Three’s Company but I don’t remember ever seeing this scene of them playing Atari! I’m an avid classic gamer and still collect for the Atari 2600! If I can just nerd out for sec, they’re playing the later produce all black model of the classic console nicknamed the “Darth Vader”! Basically Atari went cheap and lost the iconic decorative wood paneling. It was probably easier to spot it against your existing wood paneling though. Good call noticing it doesn’t have a cart inserted! Oh and how AWESOME is Jack’s pull over hoodie?! Anyway, thanks for the cool post and I really like your site!

  7. The Retroist

    Hyperspace Geek – I got very excited while rewatching the show and spotting this moment. Big fan of both the show and the console, so it was a real treat to spot it. I am rewatching a lot of shows and I am keeping my eyes open for more Atari appearances.

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