Bubble Yum Masters of the Universe Instant Winner Game

My choice in bubble gum was already Bubble Yum when they ran this instant win contest featuring Masters of the Universe toys as prizes. So I jumped into the Bubble Yum Masters of the Universe Instant Winner Game wholeheartedly in the hopes of winning myself some cool toys. Like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka I greedily tore into every pack of gum I got my hands on in the hopes that I would see a winning wrapper.

This was my contest mentality and sadly my contest result for all of my youth. Toys and games, especially new ones, were not common in out house. The idea that a single new toy could cross into my world simply by me chewing some gum was too amazing to pass up. If I was smart though, I might have taken a different angle. With all the gum I chewed, I probably could have easily bought a toy of my own.

Maybe it wasn’t the toy I wanted at all? Maybe what I wanted was the thrill of the win? A world where I got something for what I thought was nothing. Luckily as I grew up, I abandoned this behavior. Otherwise I would be a regular at a lot of casinos.

Sadly I never won a single toy, but for a few month in the mid-eighties I dreamed big and chewed a lot of gum.

Watch the Bubble Yum Masters of the Universe Instant Winner Game commercial

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  1. Marsha Denny

    I also was a fan of both bubble yum and he man . Unlike you, i didn’t chew alot of gum. It didnt take no more than 2 packs and I won myself a sword. Unfortunately I never received anything so dont feel less fortunate .

  2. Jason

    So, here’s a sad story…I actually got one of those white wrappers. I didn’t know anything about the contest, and at that point in time I was just in that phase where I was transitioning out of toys but still thought they were cool. Unfortunately, I was with my girlfriend when I got the wrapper, and there must have been info about the contest on it, or on the package, since i remember realizing that I had won (what in my memory was something like “$1,000 in He-Man toys). But since I was with this girl, I was embarrassed to acknowledge that I thought I had won, so I hid the wrapper away in my pocket….and then forgot about it for days…until after the wrapper was turned into nothing but lint in the wash.

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