The Complete Abba – 40th Anniversary Edition

I cannot claim to be a huge fan of the highly successful pop group ABBA. When I hear an ABBA song on the radio, very often I will switch it off (unless its Fernando — that song rocks). But recently a special was on some high number cable channel about the super group and from a pop culture standpoint I found it really compelling. So I decided to look at the band more closely and pick up a copy of The Complete Abba – 40th Anniversary Edition by Simon Sheridan. After reading I am still not a fan of the group, but I have a greater understanding of their accomplishments and history.

Sheridan has done a great job compiling a book that is nearly encyclopedic. I say nearly, because the book is comprehensive information-ally, it not organized by subject (although it does contain a decent index). Instead the book is organized chronologically, so you can follow along from the founding of ABBA through its breakup and beyond. Watching ABBA’s career unfold was a really clever way to present the info and it really sucked me in and by the end after reading about their music, tv shows the Momma Mia!, I was left wondering, just like all those ABBA fans out there, “why don’t they re-unite??”

If your a fan or just have a passing interest in pop music The Complete Abba – 40th Anniversary Edition (also available on Kindle) is a info packed read that will give you a new appreciation for these talented yet enigmatic Swedes.

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  1. Zerbinator

    I don’t know why, but it’s hard to admit to being an Abba fan. Maybe I had a crush the girls when I was a kid? I really have no clue. I am a fan though. I think it’s because my sister would blare the records and it would’ve been something more “thumpier” than my dad’s collection of John Denver and Jim Croce records.

    Ahhh! I know why, because of the palindrome!

  2. Badwolf

    “Waterloo” is a very catchy tune. It’s my favorite and makes for a great YouTube video.

  3. Doug

    Palindromes make everything better. Blonde Swedes don’t hurt, either. Just ask Ace of Base.

  4. Atari Adventure Square

    The sounds of Abba filled the air in my days of 70s radio.
    My youthful ears twitched agreably to their harmonies and a blondish peace would fill my soul as the poppier tunes played endlessly on AM stations (and just happened to be the better ones).

    Mebbe that’s why I grew fond of their easy listening selection and still let it wash over me, the rare times I hear it anywhere nowadays.

    I found it kinda fitting, though, when one of the Son of Sam movies (the Spike Lee one?) used Fernando as its timestamp.

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