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The Disney Afternoon – The 12 Shows Ranked

In the 1990s Disney fiercely reclaimed its place as an animation contender, by putting out a series of creatively done animated shows. They started on Saturday morning where they did well enough, but then they were rolled into a block of afternoon animated shows and the rest was history.

The Disney afternoon kept growing and went through a few incarnations that spanned the entire 90s. All good things come to end and with new strict child advertisement restrictions, TDA eventually was moved off broadcast TV. Many of the shows continued in fractured syndication. To the happiness of many fans, most of these shows found a 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) life on the new cable channel, Toon Disney.

The Rankings
OK, enough of my gibber-gabber let’s get on to the ratings of this show. These are of course my opinions only and aren’t based on ratings or anything else. I would love to hear what everyone else thought of these shows. What was your favorite The Disney Afternoon Show?

  1. Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears
  2. DuckTales
  3. Darkwing Duck
  4. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers
  5. Gargoyles
  6. Goof Troop
  7. Quack Pack
  8. TaleSpin
  9. Bonkers
  10. Aladdin
  11. 101 Dalmatians: The Series
  12. Hercules: The Animated Series

That’s right, Gummi Bears rule!. Original characters, an interesting universe, and a great theme song. If you think otherwise you are wrong. Gummi Bears is/was/will always be the best TDA show that was ever made.

Here is a breakdown of the 9 seasons that the Disney Afternoon ran. Only season 8 was in a reduced 1.5-hour format.

The Disney Afternoon – Shows Organized by Season
Season One (1990-1991) Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears – DuckTales – Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – TaleSpin
Season Two (1991-1992) DuckTales – Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – TaleSpin – Darkwing Duck
Season Three (1992-1993) Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers – TaleSpin – Darkwing Duck – Goof Troop
Season Four (1993-1994) TaleSpin – Darkwing Duck – Goof Troop – Bonkers
Season Five (1994-1995) Darkwing Duck – Goof Troop – Bonkers – Aladdin
Season Six (1995-1996) Goof Troop – Bonkers – Aladdin – Gargoyles
Season Seven (1996-1997) Darkwing Duck – Gargoyles – Aladdin – Quack Pack
Season Eight (1997-1998) DuckTales – Quack Pack – 101 Dalmatians: The Series
Season Nine (1998-1999) DuckTales – Disney’s Doug – 101 Dalmatians: The Series – Hercules: The Animated Series

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i think my favourites would be Quack Pack Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck to bad toon disney deosn;t play those anymore. but they are out on dvd on ebay that cool (:

I can’t believe you actually ranked TaleSpin below Quack Pack. Quack Pack is at the bottom. Quack Pack was so bad, the writer who developed the Gummi Bears and co-developed TaleSpin LEFT Disney during Quack Pack development. I’ve never met anyone who liked Quack Pack and they didn’t even make that many episodes for it relative to the others.

TaleSpin was easily the most creative cartoon out of all of them, with Gummi Bears in second. TaleSpin had great character dynamics and mature storylines. It never limited itself as being just an animated cartoon. I can still watch the episodes as an adult and enjoy it all the while forgetting it’s a cartoon.

No offense, but I wonder how many episodes of TaleSpin you watched and how many episodes of Quack Pack.

I loved DuckTales as well… they came close to catching up to Barks and Rosa. I didn’t really watch the Gummi Bears but the premise was so creative that I ranked it high. Gargoyles was another great series but I always thought they were trying too hard to compete with Batman: TAS. Never really thought that it should have been a Disney series… it would have been better if another studio came out with it. I always saw Disney as the king of comedy adventures instead. Disney started sliding downwards starting with Goof Troop and Bonkers.

My top 10:

3)Adventures of the Gummi Bears
4)Darkwing Duck
6)Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers
8)Goof Troop
10)Hercules: TAS
11)101 Dalmatians: TAS
12)Quack Pack

I like your passion. I happened to like Quack Pack a lot and was bummed that they didn’t make more. I guess I am in a passionate minority.

I know Talespin has a huge following and I watched it regularly, but it never really clicked with me for some reason. Maybe it was too much of a painful reminder of Tales of the Gold Monkey.

Wow was Season 2 knock it out of the box awsome! While Gragoyles was great, it did become a little “Insert random famous legend here,” by the end. Still, for the complete run, Tailspin felt the most consistant, even though it was indeed Tales of the Golden Monkey and Moonlighting had a baby in a furry outfit. I still think Don Carnarge is a fantastic name for a bad guy.

Yep, TaleSpin was the best of the Disney Afternoon shows for me too. I really hope Boom Studios will release new TaleSpin comics, just like they do for Ducktales and Darkwing!

For me, it’s:

1. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers
2. Duck Tales
3. TaleSpin
4. Goof Troop
5. Adventures of the Gummi Bears

I never got into Darkwing Duck, Aladdin or Gargyles; I suppose I liked the more cheerful shows. Plus, I probably stopped watching TDA around ’93-’94 or ’94-’95. Anyway, CDRR was my favorite because I enjoyed all of the characters – they were different animals* and each had his or her own personality. I also liked seeing what invention Gadget would come up with next. Duck Tales and CDRR had the best themes, in my opinion, but TaleSpin’s was also pretty good (same with Gummi Bears).

* Rather than all of the main characters being ducks (or bears).

Here are my top twelve Disney Afternoon shows.

1. Duck Tales
2. Darkwing Duck
3. Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
4. Goof Troop
5. Quack Pack
6. Tale Spin
7. Aladdin
8. Timon and Pumbaa
9. Bonkers
10. Gargoyles
11. Gummi Bears
12. Mighty Ducks

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