The Early Bird gets the Eggo Waffle

In my family if you wanted to eat, you had to be quick. Food went fast, especially things like frozen waffles. If we were lucky, we had one box, and that box was supposed to somehow last all month. It usually only last one or two days at the most. The problem was that once the box was cracked, it was open season. Suddenly everyone had waffle madness and the only cure for waffle madness, as everyone knows, is an empty box of waffles.

This commercial, from 1987 might seem silly, but this is a pretty accurate description of how sneaky you needed to be in order to snag a waffle or two without the whole house descending on the kitchen and finishing the entire box. If you were quiet enough and ate early, you just might be able to hide the waffles far enough in the back of the freezer that people wouldn’t remember they were there for another day.

It was a rare month where I had waffles more than once. Maybe I should have used one of those handheld fans.

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