The First and Last Time my family bought Powdered Gatorade

I have talked about my infatuation with Gatorade and their fancy glass bottles a couple of times here on the site. Today I would like to tell you about the time I finally was able to convince my family to purchase the stuff in powdered form.

My family consumed a lot of beverages that began as a powder. Things like powdered Iced Tea, fruit punch and Kool Aid could almost always be found in one of our kitchen cabinets. One day at the supermarket when picking out one of these tasty pre-drinks, I spotted the Powdered Gatorade on sale. I instantly started trying to sell it to my Mom as a healthier alternative.

Not surprising, she had never heard of the stuff, but after looking at the info on the label and comparing it to the stuff I normally got, she rolled her eyes and let me put it in the cart.

I made my first batch that night and that is where the problem began. At dinner my sister poured herself a glass and nearly spit it out. She had never had Gatorade and it did not agree with her. I think she said it tasted liked salted fruit.

The good news was that nearly the entire can of the stuff was left for me to enjoy, but that bad news was that we never bought the mix again.

So sadly my deep down body thirst could only be quenched when I saved up enough money to buy myself a bottle at the corner store. These commercials only served to remind me of what I could not have…

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