The First Easter Rabbit on DVD

To say I was obsessed with Rankin/Bass as a kid would be an understatement. I loved every Xmas film the put out and always wished they did more specials on other holidays. One of their finer non-Xmas specials is The First Easter Rabbit, which was just remastered and released on DVD.

first easter bunny

The cartoon was originally aired in 1976 and tells the tale of the Easter Bunny’s origin and is very loosely based on the Velveteen Rabbitby Margery Williams. The story is all about “Stuffy”, a plush rabbit, a little girl named Linda receives as a Christmas present. When the little girl becomes sick with scarlet fever, all of her possessions need to be burned. Stuffy is rescued by a fairy, who brings him to life and sends him to place called Easter Valley at the North Pole. An ice creature called Zero wants to freeze the valley and make it like the rest of the pole, Stuffy must become the Easter Bunny in order to stop him.

The special has voice work by the very talented Stan Freburg, Robert Morse, Don Messick, Paul Frees and Burl Ives who does the narration of this special and sings the song, Easter Parade.

The First Easter Rabbit: Deluxe Edition is fully re-mastered and includes an all-new interactive, six-piece simple puzzle game that is great for kids. It also includes a trailer for a Peanuts Valentine/Easter trailer.

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