The First Search Engine

I was just doing some surfing this morning when I found this post by Steve Myers that talks about the history of his work on a search engine in the 1980s. Always interesting to hear people’s accounts of new tech. Here is the intro, see if it pulls you into the story as well.

The first search engine, according to all known sources, was called Archie. It was developed by Peter Deutsch, Alan Emtage and Bill Heelan in the early 1990s. This is the answer you should give if you are asked this question in an exam paper, or a pub quiz, and want your answer to be marked as correct.

However, the first search engine was invented in the second half of 1985, became the subject of a collaboration and confidentiality agreement with Hewlett Packard in 1986, and then slipped into oblivion in 1987.

This is the untold story of the first search engine.

Sounds like the start of an A-Team like tv show right? Read the whole story at

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