The Game is Nirtz. So what else is Nirtz?

I have never played The Game is Nirtz by Ideal, I have never even seen the game in person. Instead I have only seen pictures and read about it online. I do like abstract games though and The Game is Nirtz seems pretty straightforward. In the game two opposing players move numbered pieces around a board trying to line up 7 tokens across the board. The twist is you can only move each piece the number of spaces that are indicated on the piece. So a # 2 piece can move 2 spaces. Seems pretty straightforward.

A photo of the game box recently appeared in the Retroist Image Pool, where it was added by Christian Montone.

Okay the real reason I wanted to bring this game up is because I think the word Nirtz needs to be brought into common use and I was wondering if it should mean good? bad? weird? I think it sounds bad or weird, but that’s why I think it should mean awesome as in “This deep fried macaroni and cheese with hot dog pieces in it is nirtz!”

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  1. Sinjin

    I’d go with nirtz meaning something that seems simple at first but then turns out to be a bit more challenging.

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