The Hair Wiz was a Great Idea, but it Hurt Me so Much

My family was thrifty when I was a kid and I often had haircuts at home. Yes, I was the king of the bowl cuts, if you read this site, that is most like the picture you already have in your head. My sister did most of the cutting and she would just cut around with a big pair of scissor, but one day she was looking through the closet and found an old hair wiz my Father had thrown up there. She started using it and it hurt like crazy. Instead of cutting with ease, it grabbed onto my hair and tug at it. I think the Wiz might have been very dull and when she was done, I was nearly in tears. The next day the kids at school were brutal.

Damn you Hair Wiz!!

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  1. Doug

    I’ll take the pain if it can give me those side burns. 4-0 edge for me, please. I like the popular, longer hairstyles.

  2. The Retroist

    You are made of stronger stuff than me. Of course, the end result was not so pretty in my case. Perhaps if it was I could have sucked it up for round 2.

  3. mwentworth

    This is a terrible memory! My mom would use these GD things until they were as dull as a butter knife. Retro isn’t always good.

  4. Dar

    Even that vacuum cleaner hair-cutting gadget from a few years back is better than this.

    ANd that poor husband looks real miserable.

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