The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

In 1979, The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t premiered on television. I did not catch it at the time, but like many people I caught it on the Disney Channel where it would be broadcast well into the 1990s. This is where I recorded my copy, which I have since digitized since it is not available on DVD. Updated: It is available on DVD! See the link below.

Why do I enjoy this “special” so much? Because it is a magical Halloween romp that stars some really talented people including Judd Hirsch from Taxi as Dracula who is trying to save Halloween from the Winnie the Witch played by Mariette Hartley.

Ad via Geektarded
Ad via Geektarded

It is very well done and would win an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Individual Achievement for a Children’s Program”. It deserved the award and I think you should watch the entire program, but if you need to some retro motivation, just fast forward to the last-minute of the special for a disco treat that should put a smile on your face.

Order your copy of The Night Dracula Saved the World (aka The Halloween that Almost Wasn’t) Judd Hirsch on DVD

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  1. Batfan

    Such a good special! I still throw out a couple quotes from this, once in a while.

    Been watching this one since the early 80’s. My parent’s have it recorded on Betamaxx. Sure would love a digitized copy though πŸ˜‰

  2. djdarko

    But this IS available on DVD! It’s paired up with Witch’s Night Out, which I bought online (I think on ebay) maybe 2 or 3 years ago. πŸ™‚

  3. The Retroist

    Awesome! I ordered my copy on DVD and should have it before Halloween. A holiday miracle!

  4. Alphacentaurian

    It’s funny that John Schuck played Frankenstein’s Monster here, then was cast in the Munsters reboot.
    To me, he’ll always be Sgt. Enright πŸ™‚

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    TV Guide promo ads like this one are retrotastic!

    Can’t wait to see this.
    I’ll watch it on a day when it’s 8:30 pm.

    Cuz yeah.

  6. RetroArt

    From a time when getting the TV GUIDE in the mail was a much looked forward to day.
    To eagerly flip through the new issue to see what “special” would be coming the week ahead, to see what the week’s theme would be for the ABC 4:30 Movie, and to do the crossword in the back.
    I don’t recall having ever seen this 70’s Halloween Special but I have the feeling it’s going to rank right up there with my all-time 70’s kitsch favorite, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special of ’76!

  7. Donica O'Bradovich

    Hi–great write up, but I wanted to let you know that my Dad also won an Emmy for this special for his makeup! I remember going on location to Westchester with him and meeting Mariette Hartley. Great fun!

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