The Horse That Played the Outfield

Did you ever have an image that stuck in your head and you are not sure where it is from? I have several of those images, but with baseball season wrapping up, I thought I would mention one associated with that sport. The image is of a crazy eyed horse with a baseball in its mouth. Now I always assumed it was from this story The Horse That Played Center Field, which was both a book and a TV special, but the images in those two versions did not match up with what was in my head. I was about to dismiss it as a false memory, when I came across this gem in one of my grade school social studies book.

horse outfield

Isn’t he amazing? He is from a story call The Horse That Played the Outfield, which sounds a whole lot like The Horse That Played Center Field. So you probably understand my confusion. Can you understand why an image like this would stick with you for the rest of your life? Just look at those crazy eyes! Thank-you Bold Jouneys for teaching me that a horse can play baseball. Oh and for using baseball to demonstrate physics in vague ways.

Play Ball!

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