The Land Before Time VHS Pizza Hut Commercial

The Land Before Time VHS Pizza Hut Commercial

Working in a video store over the years, certain things stick with you. Not just the quirkiness of customers or the ability to quote movies, but small things. Like the intros for certain film companies or advertisements that ran on VHS tapes. I have always been opposed to these ads, but that did not stop several of them from being burned into my memory. One such ad was the Land Before Time VHS Pizza Hut Commercial.

This commercial ran on every copy of The Land Before Time that I ever saw. Which, when it was released on VHS, was a pretty big deal. When we had copies in to sell, we merely needed to put it on the TVs that we had in the stores and in our windows. Shortly thereafter a flood of parents often dragged in by their children, would come in and demand their copies.

It was easy money. But not without sacrifice.

For every time that we fired up this beloved film, we had to sit through this now-famous Land Before Time VHS Pizza Hut Commercial. It is a pretty cute commercial the first time you see it. In it, a young boy goes to a birthday party at Pizza Hut.

While there he takes his Mom’s advice on how to behave with a twist. Soon he is the hit of the party. Beloved by all, he has what appears to be a great time and his mother is very proud.

Watch the Land Before Time VHS Pizza Hut Commercial

It is swell to see some vintage pizza hut footage and the commercial itself is pretty charming. But try watching this multiple times a week. Maybe even watching it a couple of times a day. This was my reality for several months and it was driving me nuts.

Nowadays I look back on my time in the video store with fond memories and this advertising gem only makes me smile. While I am still not a fan of advertising in my home media, I guess I am glad to have seen it be a “thing.”

So enjoy this commercial and remember how lucky you are to live when you do. You have options to watch your films commercial-free and if they do run ads, you can skip them much more easily.

Okay, I got something else to add. Watching this again made me very happy.

But if advertising is bad, how can I feel good about it? This is a real conundrum. I need to think on it. Perhaps I will come to a conclusion after watching this commercial just a couple of more times and maybe heading over to Pizza Hut.

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  1. TheRealSpottedfeather

    You didn’t/don’t have to watch the ad every time you watch the tape. Just skip it.

    1. Retroist

      At the video store where this was happening, we were actually forbidden from using the FF or Rewind function on the store VCR. We had a rewinder and just had to sit through all the things that seemed tedious.

      A lot of jokes and eye-rolling surrounded commercials on VHS at that store. Gotta make light of the situation.

      1. TheRealSpottedfeather

        that sounds like an odd rule. I’d think that the movie was the part of the tape that mattered. Didn’t they have tapes of just trailers and coming attractions ?

  2. Retroist

    It was one of those rules handed down from on high. We don’t want people using FF and Rewind because it puts undo stress on the tape and machine. Pausing was also out of the picture.

    You did get used to it and I have pretty happy memories of my time there mostly because it annoyed us and we all felt the need to comment. Gave us all something in common.

  3. Jack

    It’s such a great ad! I worked for a Big video store chain and when we switched to DVD’s to play, our promo copies always “seemed” to be scratched.

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