The Magical World of View-Master Lite-Up Light Toys

Do you remember your first glow stick? I got mine one fine Halloween in the 1980’s and to say I was fascinated with it would be an understatement. My Mother had bought it for me for “safety reasons”. Something I could wear around my neck while out Trick or Treating at night and not get run over by car. I fell in love with it as soon as I cracked it open and I remember staring at it as I fell asleep that night. In the morning it had died, but a new light had been sparked and over the years I would purchase many a glow stick and other off-brand chemical light up things for myself.

While I was fine with just the sticks, View-Master took glow sticks up a notch when they released their Lite-Up Light Toys. The premise was simple, but effective. Take everyday toys and attach a glow stick to them. So toys that you could normally only enjoy in the light of day took on a magical ghostly green hue when you combined them with the power of the glow stick and could be used at night. They had three solid offerings: a parachute, a ball and the best of the lot, the Frisbee. That is the one I remember getting the most joy out of, even though it was difficult to throw and just plain boring without the glow stick.

Every Halloween I still find myself picking up a glow stick when I see them at a pharmacy or supermarket, but summer is fast approaching and for some reason I am feeling nostalgic for the View-Master Lite-Up Light Toys. Maybe it is time to try to dig up a Frisbee and wow all the people at the park at night with that beautiful Lite-Up flying disc.