The MakerBot Mixtape: Rediscover A Lost Classic

I am starting to think I want a Makerbot. Just think of all the psuedo retro stuff I could be printing out…

The mad scientists at MakerBot are delighted to announce the launch of their latest product, The MakerBot Mixtape. Rediscover the magic of making a mixtape – with or without a MakerBot 3D creation machine. Make your Mixtape today.

Sharing the music you love (with the people you love) has never been easier, but how do you make it memorable? Show them you really care with a customized DIY Mixtape hot off your MakerBot Replicator. Purchase the The MakerBot Mixtape Kit for just $25! No 3D Printer? No problem. We made a ready-to-go Mixtape just for you – simply upload your favorite songs!

“Before CDs and digital music, offering someone a mixtape was a way to show them that you cared enough to hand-craft a gift. Our Mixtape revitalizes that idea,” said John Dimatos, head of MakerBot Applications.

The MakerBot Mixtape kicks off a new series of MakerBot Projects designed by the MakerBot Applications team in Brooklyn, NY. This 3D design team explores the limitless possibilities of home manufacturing by developing MakerBot Projects – DIY Kits consisting of design files fit for 3D printing plus electronic components available for purchase in the MakerBot store.

To make The MakerBot Mixtape, just download the cassette from, pick your colors, and fire up your MakerBot. Open your Kit and snap the memory chip and control buttons into the cassette. Now you’re ready to upload your mix! Just plug in to your Mac or PC with the USB cable included. Finally, give that one-of-a-kind gift to someone you love. You might want to bring a camera, too.

Don’t have The Replicator™ yet? Let MakerBot show you what you’re missing. Hop onto the MakerBot Facebook Page and upload a photo of yourself holding a sign that says ‘Make Me A Mixtape!’ From now through August 8th, MakerBot will select one winner each day to receive a personalized Mixtape created by a member of the MakerBot Staff. Win your Mixtape today!

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  1. Badwolf

    I still have most of the mix tapes that I sent my girlfriend when I was in college. I wound up marrying her. I now have the infinitely changeable mix tape – it’s called an iPod Classic – 160GB, with various playlists that can be set to “shuffle.”

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