The New Dress Digitals from Timex

What a commercial! Catchy futuristic computer beep beeping. Super serious naration. Sci-Fi looking vehicles. Super eighties man and woman. Tron-style digital grid. This one has it all!

I desperately wanted a metallic digital watch in the eighties and eventually saved up and bought one from Kmart. It was a generic. It broke about 3 days after I got it and when I took it to the watch repair place in town they said it would cost more to replace the band than it would to buy a new watch. I held onto that watch up until a few years ago in a box I kept of broken stuff. When I found it I laughed at the memories and then found that I was a little angry that I had bought such a shoddy product. Throwing it in the trash after all these years was pretty liberating, but it made me realize that I never picked up the real thing. Maybe it is time to pull the trigger and start lurking on eBay for a Dress Digita.

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  1. Max Power

    Wait, is that guy driving a horseshoe crab?

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