The Original Chia Pet Commercial?

Whenever I see a Chia Pet commercial it reminds me that the holiday season is approaching and that the Chia would make for a wonderful gift. I guess I am thinking this because secretly I have always wanted a Chia Pet and have never bought or received one (something I think I will remedy this weekend).

Going to the YouTubes for a blast of nostalgia, I found two commercial claiming to be the original Chia Pet Commercial. I would have sworn that this one, with the Chia jingls was the original.

But then I saw this one that has no jingle and it seems very familiar as well and since it is a little bit more low tech, I would have to think that this was actually the original Chia pet commercial. The clincher that the 2nd one is more “original?” That it features the Ram, which was the original Chia animal, which was released in 1982. The 1st commercial was also produced that year, but it featured Chia animals that premiered in 1984.

Marketed by Joe Pedott and produced by the San Francisco, California-based company, Joseph Enterprises Inc.. Pedott first learned about Chia Pets when he attended a housewares show in Chicago in 1977. The first Chia Pet, Chia Guy, was created on September 8, 1977 and a trademark registration was filed on Monday, October 17, 1977.

Chia Pets achieved popularity in the 1980s following the 1982 release of a ram, the first widely marketed Chia Pet. Which is the star of the above commercials. Ch-ch-ch-chia!

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  1. The second commercial is definitely older. While I had completely forgotten it until watching it, I can very clearly remember the scene where he opens the packet of seeds.

    One thing that tells you the first one is newer, right off the bat, is the variety of pets available. Chia pet was originally only available in either 1 or 2 designs (the ram/sheep for sure, and possibly a bull. I know that both existed early on, but they look so similar that it’s hard to keep track). The fact that the first commercial has numerous animals, very non-ram/bull-like ones such as dogs and cats, and especially a tree shaped one tells you that it came significantly later.

  2. Agreed. The original Chia was the ram/sheep one. The others were introduced later.

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