The Pac-Man Phone

In 1982, Pac-Mania was in fell effect and according to this blurb from Joystik magazine, we could expect many Pac-Man related consumer product in the comic year. Including the very awesome looking Pac-Man phone. Sadly I say “looking” because the phone was not of the highest quality. My friend managed to break his in less then a month and he never fully recovered from the trauma.

The Pac-Man opened up at the mouth. You would talk into the bottom half of the Pac-Man, which is also where the push buttons were located. The top half of the Pac-Man was wear the earpiece was located.

The weakness of the phone was the hinge. An adult could handle a feature like this, but for a kid not so much. The phone just needed to be left on the floor, mouth down. Then just a simple misstep could damage the hinge.

The box the Pac-Man phone? It is pretty perfect. Whoever came up with the styling on this thing, should win an award.

I started digging up these Pac-Man phone memories after spotting this article in Joystick! about the phone. Notice that they like to point out the advanced features such as push-button dialing and redial on the “Yellow Callers.” Redial at this time seemed super exotic and I was desperate to get my hands on a phone with the feature since I liked to call radio stations all the time.

Look at all those other items feature the “Yellow Fellow.” I definitely had the Pac-Man toothbrush, but not sure about the other items. I am not sure why the phone pictured has a spiral chord. Those seemed to be used mostly for attaching handsets to the body of a phone. Not for running the phone into the wall. Maybe it is clearer in this photo that his is a phone with the very obvious phone cord attached?

I see Pac-Man phones for sale all the time. At their cheapest they are about 10 bucks. In box or in mint condition you would look to be spending about $50.

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  1. blinddog

    I remember having the waste basket and a Pac-Man game watch.

  2. Atari Adventure Square

    A fun fact: With this phone, you are legally bound to answer every call with “Wa-ka?”

  3. VicSage

    I wanted that so bad as a kid! I’m going to add another fun fact to go along with Atari Adventure Square’s:

    You can see one of these on display at the 1984 Arcade in Springfield, Missouri!

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