The Retroist’s 2009 Holiday Retro-Gift Guide

Last year I started looking for a wishlist of things that I wanted for myself that holiday season and it turned into the 2008 Holiday Retro Gift Guide. That guide turned out to be surprisingly popular so with all the great retro stuff that has come out in the last year I thought I would put together a guide for 2009. Now I know you all have that special person in your life who constantly plays games on their Atari 2600 or NES and prefers the crack and hiss of vinyl to digital sound. These people love things retro and although they might seem difficult to shop for, thanks to the internet their are 100s of holiday gift ideas for them. Here are a few of my favorite that are sure to please:

Monopoly: Nintendo Edition
nintendo monopoly

About 10 years ago I remember being in a store with my mother talking about all the various Monopolies they were making and saying to her, “can you really ever have too many Monopolies?” A decade later and a dozen gifted specialty boards later I can say, “Yes, you can.” After getting a copy of Chicagopoly, I never thought I would ever want to see another Monopoly board until I spotted Monopoly: Nintendo Edition, which has miraculously allowed me to cry “one more!”

Order your copy of Nintendo Monopoly

Zombie Wrapping Paper
wrapping paper zombies

Nothing says thoughtful gift more succinctly then BRAINS!!! Grrrr…..wrapping paper…gifts…brains. Why!!! Murrrrrrrrrrrr…blllllllllll!

Order your very own Zombie Wrapping Paper

EA Sports – Madden 95/NHL 95: TV Games Two Player Set
ea games

Two of the greatest sports games in a handy, easy to travel package? I’ll take one. Show all your old skool friends who is EA Sports boss by bringing over this this two controller set and hooking it up to their TV via simple AV cables. Also a great way to equalize your gaming record with your kids. Just don’t let them play with it when you are not around.

Order an EA Sports Madden 95 TV Games Two Player Set

Sharp Shootin’ Remote Control
gun shaped remote control

Does the constant braying of the TV drive you mad? Do you want to impress/scare to death people around you? Whip out the Sharp’ Shootin’ Remote Control, aim at the television and watch it go dark. Please though for the love of all things Retro do not try and use this in a public place. It might seem like a humorous idea, but the outside world just doesn’t get you like I do. If this was the 1970s, the Sharp Shootin’ Remote Control would have been advertised on every TV station in the USA. How times have changed.

Order your Sharp Shootin’ Remote Control

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns for the Atari 2600
pitfall II

You may not realize this, but one of the greatest game ever made for the Atari 2600 was not the classic Pitfall!, but was its sequel Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. It is a much deeper and immersive experience that will make you wonder why Atari didn’t get on the David Crane train earlier. If you have an old Atari 2600 laying around you need to add this to your collection.

Order Pitfall II: Lost Caverns for your Atari 2600 Cartridge

Jimmy Solar and King Phantom
tupa space

You may not realize this, but Retroist artist Christopher Tupa has a comic that he has been working on for many years. The writing is clever and the comic is drawn with the evocative drawing prowess that has me rushing to my email every week like a kid on Christmas. So why not indulge the child in you and pick up the collected Jimmy Solar and King Phantom by Christopher Tupa.

Order Jimmy Solar and King Phantom – Volume 1

The Ultra Devo-Lux Ltd. Edition Box Set

DEVO is back and I can tell you they have not lost a step in the intervening years. If you want a way to celebrate the rebirth of one of the greatest band ever, why not pick up this amazing gift set of that includes remasters of Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo! and Freedom of Choice both re-mastered from the original analog recording tapes including the six-song “DEV-O LIVE EP”. 6 unreleased demos from “Freedom of Choice” AND “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!”, Full length DVD of the band’s epic “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” live performance, from the ’09 concert in London. Bonus DVD featuring your favorite DEVO music videos. An original 7″ color single of “Jocko Homo”/”Mongoloid” and 18” x 24” exclusive foldout poster and finally the Ultra Devo-lux Ltd Edition also comes with a digital audio download of both reissues of “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” (including the audio from the live London performance) AND “Freedom of Choice”, plus “DEV-O LIVE EP”. In both 128 kbps and 320 kbps MP3’s. Pretty good huh?

Order the Ultra Devo-Lux Ltd. Edition Box Set

hangUP Coat Hooks – 4 Player
coat hooks

How about a little something for the retro home? This arcade themed coat hook rack is not only attractive and colorful, but is a guaranteed conversation starter. Pick your colors and mix and match to go with your decor. It is guaranteed to retro up the joint.

Order your hangUP Coat Hooks

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