The Seventies Kitchen of my Family’s Dreams

My family’s kitchen was redesigned at some point in the 1960s and it was pretty much frozen in time until the early 1990s. That didn’t mean my Mother wasn’t making plans for changes, they just never really panned out. I think this woody, yet open kitchen as pulled from PLANNING & REMODELING KITCHENS from Sunset Books ©1979 would have been right on the nose. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind having this kitchen right now.

We all always wanted an island in the center of our kitchen and seeing that dough being rolled out, maybe for a pizza, really speaks to my family sensibilities. Is the black section on the island a dedicated area for rolling out dough? It looks to be made of stone, so I am guess it is not a cutting board. Whatever it is, it is cool and I want it.

Also look at all that wood! The ceiling with all those angles and those light cans. What a nightmare to dust. Still I could have bought one of those extending arms dusters and been just fine. Or more likely things would have just gotten very dusty.

Unfortunately, my family redid their kitchen in the early nineties. So we went from a warmly glorious black and avocado kitchen to this mauve, peach and light wood monstrosity. At the time it really lightened up the space, but it aged terribly and quickly. What made matters worse is that the worst remnants of the sixties kitchen, the black countertops lingered.

I wish I had taken a lot of photos of that kitchen, since it is lost to me now, but I think about it a lot. Kitchens are a great indicator of the energy of a house, no matter what their style. Ours was always hopping. And while I would have enjoyed this airy late seventies masterpiece, I will always think fondly of the kitchen we had, from green and black to mauve and peach, it got the job done.d

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